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For years, Home Perfect Exteriors has been installing new roofs and performing professional roofing repairs in the Ladue MO area. We’ve become the trusted local roofing company in the greater St Louis area by always working with integrity and superior workmanship, as well as maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction on every residential and commercial roofing job. We never cut corners and always leave your property better than we found it.

Best Roofing Services in Ladue MO

  • New Roof Installation

  • Siding Installation

  • Commercial Roof Maintenance

  • Roof Replacements

  • Storm Damage Roof Repair

Our values are what distinguishes us from the crowd. We seek to excel and are fulfilled by providing our clients the best: the best roofing material, the best roof installers, the best roof replacement, and the best customer service.
  • Integrity in roofing means that we never substitute inferior products and always deliver more than we promise.
  • We only employ skilled roofers, and our roofing contractors always continue learning about new roofing types and maintain professional licensing.
  • Our customer service is superior because we focus on your needs and your budget, looking for the most cost-effective roofing and exterior service options.

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Considered an inner ring suburb of St Louis MO and located in the county of the same name, Ladue MO is a beautiful town that had a 2010 Census population of 8,521. It is one of the most affluent communities in the state of Missouri, and the beauty of the buildings and quality of the amenities in Ladue reflect this. This affluent suburb had humble origins as a farming community in the mid-1800s, founded by 45 Original Township Families, including the French LaDue family. As automobiles became more popular, these original families began selling land off to city workers, creating one of the first bedroom communities for St Louis. There are many notable people from Ladue MO, including CEOs of major companies, high US government officials, Senators, sports stars, and even famous musicians like Chuck Berry.

When visiting the greater St Louis area, Ladue is worth a visit. They hold a Winter Wonderland every year with beautiful Christmas light displays, but there’s summer fun to be had at Shaw Park and Tilles Park. Grant’s Farm is a beautiful estate with a large petting zo, and there’s even the historic home of Ulysses S Grant. The National Museum of Transportation is also a great visit where you can learn about the history of trains, planes, and automobiles

3 Popular Roof Types in MO

Home Perfect Exteriors, Ladue MO’s trusted roofing company, has extensive experience installing and replacing all types of roofing from shingles to flat roofs. We also partner with the best roofing material manufacturers so that you can trust our roofs will be durable and beautiful for decades. Let’s look at the most popular roof types in the Ladue MO area.

3 Most Popular Roof Types in MO

3-Tab Asphalt Shingles

The traditional asphalt roof shingle is a perennial favorite of budget-conscious homeowners, and they offer superior protection at a reasonable price. Asphalt shingles are made by soaking fiberglass fabric in asphalt, layering it for added strength, and coating the top layer with specially formulated mineral granules. Three individual shingles, or tabs, are arranged in a row and installed in staggered layers to overlap and fully protect the roof.

Architectural Shingles

Also called composite shingles, this type of roofing material is made of layers of fiberglass, asphalt, and mineral granules, but there are many more layers to give these thicker shingles more substance, weight, and a 3D look. Because of how they’re made, architectural roof shingles are more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles at an average of $1.25 to $2.00 per square foot for just shingles, but these popular roofing materials last an average of 20 years.

Metal Roofing

This kind of metal roofing material can come in both shingles and panels, as well as a variety of metals and finishes. A metal roof is resistant to wind, water, and impact damage. Metal roofs are also lightweight and are absolutely watertight when properly installed. While a metal roof might be more expensive to install, it can last for at least twice as long as an asphalt shingle roof.

Home Perfect Exteriors: Your Local Roof Replacement Experts

In Ladue MO, Home Perfect Exteriors is the trusted roofing company for roof replacements and new roof installations because we install only the best roofing materials using exceptional workmanship to protect your home for as long as possible.

Whether shingles or metal roofing is best for your home, contact Home Perfect Exteriors for a durable and beautiful new roof in Ladue MO!

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