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For years, Home Perfect Exteriors been providing top notch roofing services to communities in St Louis County Missouri. We always use industry-leading roofing materials from the most reputable manufacturers with exceptional warranties, whether the job is siding repair or a full roof replacement. Missouri homeowners and business owners can trust in our experience and integrity and know that we’ll always give complete estimates, reasonable pricing, and quality workmanship.

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Our values are what distinguishes us from the crowd. We seek to excel and are fulfilled by providing our clients the best: the best roofing material, the best roof installers, the best roof replacement, and the best customer service.
  • At Home Perfect Exteriors, we pride ourselves on delivering 5-star roofing services at affordable rates for both residential and commercial clients.
  • Integrity is of utmost importance to our management and all through our organization to the trained roofing contractor we just hired.
  • We’re experts in the roofing, siding, and gutter industry, and we strive to keep our clients educated on their particular exterior construction task or roofing project.

All About St Louis County MO

Located in eastern Missouri near the Illinois border, St Louis County includes parts of the metropolitan area of the same name, with the city and the Mississippi forming the eastern border of the county. St Louis County, Missouri, had a population of just under 1 million, according to the US Census Bureau just ahead of the 2020 Census. The area was first settled by French colonists and was part of the Louisiana Purchase. Though they share the area, the actual city of Saint Louis MO has a different government than the county; it was separated after the Civil War.

St Louis County is colloquially divided into different areas called West County, Mid County, North County, and South County.

West St Louis County
This is a very high income area around Saint Louis, home to professionals, the newly wealthy, and pro athletes in towns like Chesterfield MO, Town and Country MO, Des Peres MO, and Ballwin MO. There are plenty of high end shopping areas in the area known as West County, as well as fun attractions like the Magic House, the St Louis Children’s Museum. Castlewood State Park also offers residents valuable greenspace, and there’s also the National Museum of Transportation to visit.

Mid St Louis County
Most of this portion of the county lies west of the city of St Louis MO, and it includes communities such as Creve Coeur MO, Frontenac MO, Ladue MO, Kirkwood MO, and Huntleigh MO. Mid County includes Creve Coeur Memorial Lake and the park of the same name. The area is served by plenty of highways like Interstate 70, 64, and 44. There are lots of shopping opportunities nearby such as the Loop and the St Louis Galleria.

North St Louis County
Many neighborhoods in the metropolitan St Louis MO area are considered in the “North County” portion of the county of the same name, including Bellefontaine Neighbors, Florissant MO, Black Jack MO, and other communities around the St Louis Lambert International Airport. This portion of the county is inside the bend of the Missouri River, served by Interstate Highway 70. Once marked by redlining and “white flight,” the North County area around St Louis is now one of the most diverse in the nation.

South St Louis County
While the location of lots of smaller communities like Green Park MO, Shrewsbury MO, Affton MO, and Sunset Hills MO, South St Louis county is mostly unincorporated, with plenty of greenspaces along the Meramec River for residents to enjoy. These greenspaces include Suson Park, the Laumeier Sculpture Park, Peerless Park, Jay Henges Shooting Range, and the Washington University Tyson Research Center. There are also historic areas to explore including Grant’s Farm and the Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site.

All About Roof Replacement Cost in St Louis County MO

Missouri homeowners who are faced with severe roof damage are rightfully concerned with how much a a roof replacement costs in St Louis County MO. While some damage can get simple roof repairs, a time comes in the lifespan of every roof when a replacement is necessary. Professional roof replacement should be a relief, not a headache, and it can be with the help of the most reputable roofers in your local area.

In St Louis County MO, Home Perfect Exteriors is the reputable roofing company that offers the most durable and attractive roofing materials, including metal roofing, at the best prices.

About Roof Replacement Cost in St Louis County MO

Average Roof Replacement Cost in Saint Louis County Missouri

While prices for this roofing service vary, homeowners who need a roof tear off and replacement can expect to pay between $3,500 to $19,000, depending on the square footage, the roof design, and materials.

See? There are a lot of factors affecting the cost of a roof replacement in Missouri.

Roof Size

Clearly, the larger the roof, the more it will cost, as more shingles or metal roofing panels will be needed to cover a larger roof. But labor costs are also a factor, as only a properly installed roof will best protect the home.

Roof Design

It’s obvious that larger roofs are more expensive to replace, but the design of the roof also affects the costs, since valleys, gables, skylights, chimneys, and other design choices make roof services more expensive too, not only in materials but also in labor time.

Roofing Materials

Clearly, the type of roofing material for your new roof affects the costs. Asphalt shingles are generally the cheapest materials, while metal roofing may cost more.

Home Perfect Exteriors: Roof Replacement Experts in St Louis County MO

For communities like Creve Coeur MO, Shrewsbury MO, and Chesterfield MO, we’re the trusted roofing company because of all our satisfied homeowners. Their testimonials prove that our experienced roofers work with integrity on every job.

If you need roof replacement in St Louis County MO, Home Perfect Exteriors is there to help. Contact us for information about our roofing services.



Metal Roofing Cost in St Louis County MO

Faced with a roof replacement or a new roof installation, homeowners can be interested in a metal roof but worried about metal roofing costs in St Louis County MO.

Home Perfect Exteriors: St Louis County’s Metal Roofing Experts

We’re a local roofing business who cares about our clients in communities around St Louis like Chesterfield MO, Creve Coeur MO, and Frontenac MO. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality roofing services at the most reasonable pricing.

Metal Roofing Cost in St Louis County MO

In general, roof replacement costs in St Louis County MO have a wide range, which mostly have to do with the roofing material you’re getting on your new roof. A new metal roof in the St Louis MO area costs between $6,000 and $35,000 to install, depending on several factors.

Basic Factors Affecting Metal Roof Costs

  • Size, i.e. square footage
  • Type of roofing system
  • Tear-off of existing roof or other work
  • Roofing contractor availability

Roofing Prices May Be Higher If…

  • Your roof is very steep or has a complex design with gables.
  • There are multiple levels to the house which require more roofing materials.
  • You have many structures interrupting the roof line like chimneys, vents, or skylights that require special sealing.
  • The roof decking or underlayment needs to be replaced.
  • You chose premium metal roofing materials like copper or zinc.

Roof Costs Are Lower When…

  • You have a small, one-storey house or commercial building with a simple roof design.
  • There is easy access to the roof, which has only one level and a low slope.
  • The existing roof doesn’t have to be removed, and/or there’s no additional exterior work.
  • You chose a standard quality metal roofing like galvanized steel or asphalt shingles, a very cost-effective roofing solution.

If you’re considering a roof replacement or a roof installation on a brand new construction, metal roofing is a great choice that will pay off in the long run with superior protection against water, impacts, and storm damage.

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