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In Town and Country MO, Home Perfect Exteriors is the preferred roofing company because of our superior workmanship and quality roofing materials. We work closely with homeowners and commercial property owners to find the right roofing solutions, whether that’s storm damage repair or new roof installation.

Roofing Services Offered in the Town and Country MO Area

Our values are what distinguishes us from the crowd. We seek to excel and are fulfilled by providing our clients the best: the best roofing material, the best roof installers, the best roof replacement, and the best customer service.
  • To get and keep the trust of our clients, we never cut corners, provide detailed estimates, and always use the products that we’ve promised.
  • We provide high value on every job with cost-effective roof repairs that last and new roofing that have great warranties.
  • Every one of our roofing contractors are fully licensed and insured to protect both our clients and our employees from harm.

About Town and Country MO

A city in the western part of St Louis County Missouri, Town and Country had an estimated 2019 population of around 11,000 residents. First incorporated as a residential village in 1950, Town and Country has since grown into one of the most prominent communities in the area for industry and employment, while maintaining its status as a great place to live. Though there are several notable businesses and organizations in the area, there are also plenty of greenspaces and quiet streets compared to the rest of the greater metro area. The Frank Lloyd Wright designed Theodore A Pappas House is also located in Town and Country Missouri.

The city is home to Missouri Baptist Medical Center, a large hospital serving the larger St Louis area, which provides employment for many residents. The Bellerive Country Club, host of several PGA Championships, is also located in the area, as well as Maryville University. Visitors have plenty of natural places to enjoy such as Queeny Park and Longview Farm Park, which includes water activities like boating. The Amp Up Action Park is a great place for sports and gaming. There’s local museums like the Myseum children’s science center but also the National Museum of Transportation.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

If homeowners want to upgrade their home, getting roof repair or replacement is a serious decision. There are plenty of factors that contribute to the health of your roofing, and these factors affect whether a repair or full roof replacement will be most effective. Regardless, you need a professional roofing company to help you.

In Town and Country MO, Home Perfect Exteriors are the trusted roofers for storm damage repairs, regular roof repairs, and roof replacements. Let us help you decide on whether to repair or replace your roof.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

The answer to this roofing question depends on what’s wrong with your roof, the age of your roof, and the extent of any roof damage that exists.

Roof Repairs

If you have storm damage that affects only a few shingles, or you have missing shingles in only a few places, roofing repairs like shingle replacement can be very effective. If your roof is only a few years old, repairs can extend the life of your roof by a decade or so. However, it’s important to get matching shingles or roofing panels so you don’t have an unsightly patch.

New Roof Replacement

A complete roof removal and replacement can be the best choice if several factors are present:

  • Your roof is over 20 years old.
  • There are leaks in multiple places on your roof.
  • Leaks keep recurring in different spots.
  • Your roof decking or wooden supports are rotted.
  • The roof is sagging or has structural damage.
  • Moss or algae is growing on your roof.
  • You’ve already had roof repair services performed.
  • You’re planning on selling your house in the next few years.

Your Local Roof Replacement Experts

In communities like Town and Country MO, Home Perfect Exteriors is the most experienced and trusted roofing company who can either repair or replace your roof. To make this decision, we offer many incentives, including free roof inspections and detailed estimates on all roofing work. We can also help you finance your roof work or negotiate with your homeowners insurance so that you can have the roofing work that you need to protect your home.

For all Missouri roof repairs and replacements, trust the roofing experts at Home Perfect Exteriors!


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