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Common Roof Types in St. Louis
Gable Roof Style

Discover the Beauty and Benefits of Gable Roofs | Hire the Best Roofing Repair Contractor in St. Louis with Home Perfect Exteriors

A gable is the flat triangular part at the end of a pitched roof. These triangular-pitched roofs are very common, and there are different styles of gabled roofs, including front gable, cross gable, and Dutch gable roofs. Home Perfect Exteriors can repair and restore gables damaged in storms or through normal wear and tear.

General Description

Gables are a distinctive feature of many architectural styles, adding visual interest and creating a sense of height to a building. They have been used for centuries, and different architectural styles feature gables in different ways. Whether you're looking to repair a damaged gable or add some architectural interest to your home, Home Perfect Exteriors can help. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to handle any gable repair or restoration project, ensuring that your home looks its best for years to come.

Architectural Styles That Feature This Type of Roof

  • Gothic Revival: This style features steeply-pitched roofs with intricate gables and often includes pointed arches and ornate carvings.

  • Tudor: Tudor homes typically have steeply-pitched roofs with cross gables, decorative half-timbering, and ornate brickwork.

  • Craftsman: Craftsman-style homes often feature front gables with deep eaves, exposed rafters, and decorative brackets.

  • Colonial: Colonial-style homes typically have side-gabled roofs with symmetrical facades and dormer windows.

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